Free sheet music for non-commercial devotional use by individuals and churches. 

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Free sheet music and related resources are offered at this time to local churches and similar bodies for non-commercial use in worship, praise, and devotions. If the music is useful, I ask that folks give something extra to those in need, in lieu of any fees. It need not be money. It may be love, comfort, support, shelter . . . . Any act of kindness will do. Be watchful. Be creative.

Special Request: All music has been submitted to CCLI. I have added a "CCLI" link to each song page and ask that persons or organizations with CCLI licenses to download and report use if they are willing. All royalties will be used to help local charities (currently a homeless shelter). Before clicking the link, select and copy the title of the song (less any parenthetical notations as to Psalm number). The information can simply be pasted into the "Search Words" box for titles to promptly locate the music.

Under the conditions noted in the Psalms Links Page, the music may be posted or used as background music in non-commercial Web Pages by either individuals or churches and similar bodies. Please review the conditions, however, since I desire that the music only be used in an appropriate manner and with an appropriate notation that it is copyrighted.

Every effort has been made to provide a useable and immediately available music resource, including lyrics, sheet music, guitar chords, midi and mp3 files. 

Please contact spearson! (substitute @ for the "!") for any uses not noted above and/or for any suggestions or questions. Click on the Home link for the main page. Click on the Index link to access the music files, and the Help link for help in working with the various files.

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Background and Purpose.

The Psalmistry project began in 1995, with a goal of providing a unified teaching/worship resource based on the Book in a contemporary Christian musical format for use in conjunction with lectionary readings, sermons or private devotions.

I have attempted to summarize the original wording and concepts of each psalm, rather than using a phrase or thought as a take-off  for further exposition. Consistent with the purpose of teaching and worship, my goal has also been to create melodies which stick in the mind like oatmeal and thereby assist recollection of the associated Word.

The songs reflect the breadth of expressions in focus, mood and purpose contained in the Book. Some are congregational; some are for individual/small group use. Some are joyful; some are contemplative or sad. Some may be best suited for private devotions at home.

Recommendations. Hard to say which are favorites, and that may differ with the individual. However, one might start with the following examples: 8, 23, 52, 54, 57, 61, 63, 67, 91, 108, 115, 131, and 139, and the Psalm 119 series. More recently, I have also been adding a few other works inspired by my study. See, illustratively, Isaiah 25, It is Love, Awesome God 

My primary Biblical resource has been the NIV. I have also used the King James, Modern King James, ASB, RSV, Young's Literal Translation, and the Darby translations for additional expression/clarification purposes.

The project is an evolving one. I add new and revised music periodically. See my Supplements page. 




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