Christian Search Engines & Directories and Other Useful Links
All Psalms Music

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Christian Search Engines & Directories

CCLI. One of the major sources of music for churches. Huge, searchable inventory, including sheet music.

Music, Midi, Notation, Sheet Music, Bible Programs

Noteworthy Composer (NWC). Excellent and user friendly notation and sequencing program. Shareware. Great Value!

Dmidi. A simple player that can access Microsoft's DirectX synthesizer and wavetables.

SynthFont is a user friendly program that also allows prompt sampling of different soundfonts. Freeware/shareware/trial sequencing programs can be found throughout the Web. See, illustratively,

Adobe Acroread and Acrobat (PDF). A nearly universal file format. Acroread is free. 

Misc. Music and Other Links

Theory [Courtesy of the U.S. Navy (that's right!)]. Basic Music I, Basic Music II (Types of Music and Terms), Theory (Harmony). All in PDF format. Great Resources (but warning: files are quite large).


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