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Stephen Pearson
Composer, Songwriter
Psalmistry Music

Featured Psalm


1. I watched my ways; I kept from sin.
My lips were sealed; I kept my pain within.
But silent, still, my pain did grow.
My heart grew hot; a fire burned in my soul!
So then I spoke — I spoke my tongue, Lord! Lord!
Hear my prayer!
Lord, hear my cry for help, my daily weeping!
I call to You, O God.

2. Show me, O Lord, how long my stay.
How fleeting are the number of my days!
My span of years is but a breath.
Relentlessly, I march unto my death.
I am a phantom, who toils in vain, Lord! Lord!
Be with me.
Lord, all my hope is You.
You are my meaning.
Save me from sin, O God.

3. O Lord my God, please hear my prayer.
Take off my bur-den; lift me with Your care.
Lord turn a-way this test of pain,
that one last time I may rejoice again,
be-fore I die.
Be-fore I die.


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