Psalms Christian Midi, MP3, Sheet Music, Help Files 

Midi, MP3, Sheet Music and Lyrics: General Instructions 

Psalms Christian midi and MP3 music files may typically be played by simply clicking the Midi or MP3 button at the top of each Psalm Lyric sheet. The file can typically be downloaded or saved by either right clicking the button or under the midi player's "File" menu.

Smart Phones and Tablets. On Androids choose to download the file first via the internet. Then open the file for playing with one of the suggested apps.

Lyrics for each Psalm are provided for music overheads, song books and/or viewing while the associated midi  file is played. I have provided a search engine in the Music Directory to facilitate selection for worship or devotional purposes.

"Clean" Printing (without the graphics). Typically open "File" menu, page set up and choose to print without page background colors and images (Internet Explorer). Open print menu for Google Chrome.

Sheet Music PDF scores may be viewed and printed through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or Adobe's full Acrobat programs. Both are available at

Sheet Music NWC scores were produced using Noteworthy Composer. The viewer or player  (for viewing and playing of scores) and the full program may be downloaded at

Midi Music Files: General

Psalms midi music files are in a standard music format used on the Web. Advantages include limited memory usage, faster downloads, and printable, editable scores through most sequencing or notation programs. Limitations include the following: lyrics cannot be embedded as such; sound reproduction will vary significantly according to a computer's sound card and associated wavetables.

I have used Ensoniq cards and/or the Creative Live (Creative S/W Synth). Its "Atmosphere" sound effect (General midi: Program 100) is the closest thing I have found to a sustained classical guitar sound of the various cards and downloadable sound fonts I have tried. 

The intended sound is illustrated by the following MP3 file: Psalm 119 shin. The same song in midi format may sound differently with the sound card you use: Psalm 119 shin. You may need to play with instrumentation, reverb or similar effects through a sequencing program to secure the sound you desire depending upon the capabilities of your sound card.. SynthFont is a user friendly program that also allows prompt sampling of different soundfonts.

For general sound card purposes, I have reset the Psalms to more generic piano and piano/flute sounds in an alternate music directory, accessible through the main music directory. 

Wave and MP3 Music Files

I have provided MP3 files (compressed wave files) for each Psalm. MP3 files tend to sound the same on all soundcards and can be readily converted to CD's through many free programs and can be readily imported into ITunes.  Unfortunately, they are much more memory intensive than the midi format. Be aware that most mp3 files are in excess of 1 MB.

Conversion of NWC, Midi Files to MP3, Wave and CD Formats.

Illustrative step by step instructions for converting NWC/midi and similar payable files into mp3, wave and CD formats can be found here. I have sontinued to use an older program called MusicMatch, which, unfortunately was gobbled up by Yahoo. Windows Music Player and othe similar apps, however, have the capability of real time recording. If using a laptop, recording may be achieved by connecting the headphone mini jack output to a microphone mini jack input. Some experimentation with sound levels will be needed.

Language Translator

Intended to be used for general and instructional information on pages, rather than for songs and lyrics. Results may sometimes be "unusual" or even hilarious.

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