1. You are with us in our times of pain and woe.
Through our trials, You teach us how to grow.
Giving strength, Your love, that we may know:
That we're not a-lone; You're with us as we go.


Lord, my Redeemer, how I long for You!
Lord, my Sustainer, You are always true, always true.

2. Though I err, You stay by me.
From my sin, Lord, through Your death, You set me free.
Though Your life— Your Word— You helped me see.
How to live, and all that I can do and be.

3. Sometimes folks are hateful and un-kind.
Lashing out comes promptly to my mind.
But You teach us diff-'rently, my Lord.
"Always love, and know that Love is Your reward."

(Repeat refrain twice at end, or on second repeat, use optional ending:
Lord, loving Savior, may I do as you do.
'Tis in the loving, that I honor You, worship You. Follow You.)



Copyright Stephen J. Pearson

Contact: psalmistry!gmail.com