Give glory to the Lord your God.
Stand in awe of His mighty power.
Give glory to the Lord your God.
Sing with joy at His Majesty!

1. For the Word of the Lord: it is right and true.
God is faithful in all that He does.
Our God loves righteousness and justice.
All the earth abounds with His love.

2. By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made:
their starry host spewed by His breath.
As He spoke, it appeared: creation's birth.
By His Will, land issued from the depth.

3. Oh how blessed is the Nation whose god is God!
He watches His people from above.
Blessed are the heirs of His inheritance:
true salvation comes but from God's love.

4. We shall wait on the Lord: He's our help and shield.
In God, our hearts cry joyfully.
May Your love ever be upon us,
even as we rest our Hope in Thee.




Copyright Stephen J. Pearson

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