All Psalms Christian Sheet Music, Midi and MP3 Files

All Psalms Christian Music provides original lyrics, sheet music, guitar chords, mp3 and midi download files for all 150 Psalms.

  • All Psalms Music provides original lyrics, sheet music scores, guitar chords, midi and mp3 download files for each Psalm (all 150 of them) for study, worship and praise.
  • For a complete, easy to use index and search engine, see the Psalms Christian Sheet Music Directory below. (Choose the Piano link for piano sounding renditions.)
  • At this time, free sheet music is provided for non-commercial use by individuals, churches and similar organizations. I ask that folks consider contributing to those in need in lieu of fees, and that those with CCLI licenses report the use as noted below. See Terms of Use.
 Psalms Christian Sheet Music, midi and mp3 files: Stephen Pearson Christian songwriter
Steve Pearson, Songwriter/Composer
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Special Notes

Special Request: All music has been submitted to CCLI. I have added a "CCLI" link to each song page and ask that persons or organizations with CCLI licenses to download and report use if they are willing. Before clicking the link, select and copy the title of the song (less any parenthetical notations as to Psalm number). The information can simply be pasted into the "Search Words" box for titles to promptly locate the music.

Featured Song


O Lord, You are my God,
I will exalt Thee!
I will praise Thy Name.
O Lord, You are my God,
I will exalt Thee!
I will praise Thy Name.

1. In perfect faithfulness is Thy plan
revealed in wonders unto man.
All will honor,
all revere Thy holy Name!

2. You are a refuge for the poor.
You are the shelter in the storm.
In your shadow
is the song of evil stilled.

3. And on Thy mountain shall we dine:
The finest food, Lord, the finest wine!
Such a banquet
You have offered unto us!

4. And on Thy mountain is the shroud
dispelled by You, Lord, as a cloud.
Death is conquered;
we are saved from our disgrace!

5. And at the end time — Judgment Day —
all true believers, they will say,
"We have trusted:
Our salvation is through God!"

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Stephen Pearson, Songwriter/Composer
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